Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane: Douche or Genius? [POLL]

Seth MacFarlane is one of the most divisive personalities in all of Hollywood. As the creator of Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show and this past summer’s blockbuster smash Ted, he’s earned himself millions of fans and hundreds of millions of dollars. However, many elitist-types turn their noses up at his brand of lowbrow humor and over-reliance on pop culture references. So, with that being said, what was YOUR reaction to his opening monologue as the host of 2013 Academy Awards: Is Seth MacFarlane a Douche or Genius? Take our poll below.

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We’ve always known that MacFarlane is the general of the Smarmy Army, but tonight’s opening monologue just solidified my opinion that he’s one of the most overrated jerks in the business. His song, “We Saw Your Boobs,” was straight up sexist in a way that would’ve made even Archie Bunker blush, and he complete and total lack of class showed through when he made a joke about Chris Brown and Rihanna describing Django Unchained as “a date movie.” We don’t mean to sound humorless, but domestic violence is no joking matter, and taking shots at people who aren’t even in the room to defend themselves is just weak, man. Maybe if he would’ve made some jokes that actually connected with today’s audience, we could look past this, but that didn’t happen, either. BOO!

Like we’ve come to expect from his work on Family Guy, MacFarlane is not afraid to take a shot at ANYONE, regardless of their level of fame. Unlike that sycophantic suck-up Billy Crystal, Seth wasn’t afraid to put the Academy (how could they snub Ben Affleck?!?) and some of it’s terrrrrrible decisions of the past (*cough* Jean DuJardin *cough*) on blast. His idea to recreate Flight with sock puppets had us ROFLing, his idea for a hot date with Sally Field (“a bottle of wine and some Boniva”) was deprecatingly deft without being dickish, and that voice? For someone who excels so much at being dirty, we still can’t get over how smooth, classy and positively Sinatra-esque his voice can be. Add in the fact that he got a show of support from Captain Kirk, of all, people? Give MacFarlane a MacArthur, cuz that guy’s a genius!

Let us know what YOU think!

Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane: Douche Or Genius?

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