Oscars 2013: Ooooh La La, Red Carpet Arm Candy

On the biggest night of the year for film there are two rules: show up stylish and bring a date that matches your fly. Before the night’s wins and epic/not so epic speeches, the stroll down the red carpet is one of the most important moments of the night. Who is on your favorite actors’ arms matters. A celebrities arm candy is, well, an extension of themselves. Halle Berry could never show up with a man who looks anything less than so perfect that he looks handcrafted by God himself. And if George Clooney showed up with a lady with a messy bun and a scantily clad dress (which he did not) he’d quickly find himself fodder for salacious headlines. Without further ado get into all the arm candy that graced the red carpet.

  • 162441770KK00022_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00323_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00348_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00190_85th_Annua

  • DV1423610

  • DV1423990

  • 161695783PH00081_85th_Annua

  • DV1423849

  • 161313049PH00574_85th_Annua

  • 161313049PH00501_85th_Annua

  • 161315075MW00022_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00625_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00546_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00471_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00500_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00404_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00594_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00513_85th_Annua

  • 161315075TM00510_85th_Annua

  • DV1423901

  • 161315075TM00627_85th_Annua

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[Photos: Getty Images]