Oscars 2013: Kristen Stewart Shows Up To The Oscars On Crutches

It really hasn’t been K-Stew’s year, has it? Of course, we have nothing but mad love for Kristen Stewart, but she made some waves when she showed up at the Oscars tonight sporting a pair of crutches and, more disturbingly, an unexplained bruise on her arm.

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Kristen was invited to the Academy Awards tonight for the second time in her young career tonight, where she presented the Best Production Design award with Dan Radcliffe. Aside from the Internet exploding on the occasion of the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises coming together —we can’t WAIT to read the fanfic!— the Twi-Hard community was stirred when Kristen showed up on the red carpet tonight on CRUTCHES.

So, what happened? Well, Kristen gave a simple explanation to VH1’s Janell Snowden and MTV’s Josh Horowitz:

Well, of course, her typically self-deprecating answer that “I’m an idiot” is not really the true story. K-Stew’s makeup artist, Beau Nelson, told People that she “cut the ball of her foot, quite severely, on glass two days ago.” Ouch! Still, that doesn’t explain the weird bruise that was on her left arm, which also had people buzzing on social media tonight.

One of the many things we love about K-Stew is her no-effs-left-to-give attitude, but even huge supporters of her like us thought she was veering a smidge too closely to “disheveled” territory tonight. Still, we’re fully prepared to cut her some much-deserved slack; get well soon, Kristen!

[Photos: Getty Images]