Oscars 2013: 10 Things You Didn’t See On TV That Happened On The Red Carpet

Watching events on television will never be as good as seeing it live and in person. Sure, not having to wear pants is definitely a bonus. But over-produced glam-extravaganzas miss the small sights, sounds and smells (lots of smells) that give life its true favor. That’s probably why award shows can occasionally be (eeek) a little bland. Luckily, we were there live on the front lines of the 2013 Oscars red carpet to pick up all the great moments that might have slipped away from the camera’s lens. From Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence’s cute bonding moment, to Nicole Kidman’s (awesome) perfume, head under the jump to check out 10 of our very favorite!

1. Jennifer Lawrence And Anne Hathaway’s “Air High-Five”

Jennifer and Anne shared an adorable long distance “air high-five” from across the red carpet in the midst of the arrival chaos. The two were heading to reporters on opposite ends of the carpet when their eyes met and J-Law instigated the sisterly show of solidarity. We bet they raised their new Oscars to one another at the after-party later in the night!

2. Hugh Jackman Squeezes Keith Urban Like A Boa Constrictor

Hugh gave Keith such an intense bear hug that we thought poor the country singer’s eyes were going to bug out of his head like one of those stress-reliever dolls. That’s some serious Aussie-on-Aussie action right there! Hugh was just a big bundle of enthusiasm all night, sprinting all over the carpet fielding questions and standing for photos. When one fan screamed “WOLVERINE!”, Hugh happily obliged and flashed his epic superhero claw pose. Too bad his makeup artist got a little carried away with the bronzer…

3. Nicole Kidman’s Awesome Perfume

Speaking of Mr. Urban, his wife Nicole Kidman caught our attention for wearing the best perfume we’ve ever smelled. You guys, she smelled really really unnaturally good. It was like an orange grove mixed with rose petals and fresh laundry in the summer time. Dipped in chocolate. She smelled nice, ok. Nice enough to make us forget all about that whole Paperboy golden shower thing. That is all.


4. Everyone Crouching To Interview Quvenzhané Wallis

Something of a running visual gag throughout the night was watching the press corps bend down to chat with the littlest Oscar nominee, and also get a better look at her custom-made Armani puppy purse.

5. Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee And Tom Hooper’s Directorial Summit 

We know it’s not the best quality ever, but can you believe the incredible film trio in this photo? Lee. Hooper. Spielberg. All rubbing shoulders! Jeez, can you even count the Oscars between these guys!? Maybe it’s just us, but we thought it was pretty awesome to get ’em all in a frame right before our very eyes.

6. Dustin Hoffman’s Potty Mouth

The acting legend got a little carried away while talking to hosts Janell Snowden and John Horowitz during our VH1 Oscars Night Red Carpet livestream. “Are we live?” he asked, before replying “Sh-t” when he learned that we were. Meh, we’ve heard worse.

7. Janell Snowden’s Red Carpet Pro Tip For No-Slip Shoes

Don’t you hate how new fancy shoes can be so slippery? Want to take the fear out of hosting a show on the red carpet? Well our very own Janell Snowden has just the solution: Duct Tape on the soles of your shoes! You’ll never fall on your face in front of a superstar ever again.


8. Bradley Cooper Wants To Hook His Mom Up With Don Johnson

What a good son! Bradley Cooper told us that his mother’s goal for the night was to meet former Miami Vice star Don Johnson. We imagine she has something of a crush? Regardless, Bradley was set on making sure it happened!

9. The Oscar Statues Are Actually All Cakes Made By Wolfgang Puck

OK, we haven’t fact-checked this one yet.

10. They Held The Red Carpet For No-Shows Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

After the last stars (Chris Pine and Hugh Jackman) ran into the Dolby Center auditorium to take their seats, Oscar personnel remained on the otherwise deserted carpet. Security crews told us that they were waiting for one more big-name couple to arrive before breaking down the set, and we heard it on good authority that it was Brad and Angie. What gives, you guys!?

[Photo: Getty Images/VH1/Fox]

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