Oscars 2013: Adele, Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lawrence Keep It Real By Putting Their Emotions On Display

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The Oscars are too fancy shmancy for anyone to walk on stage with their “Thank You’s” written out on a tiny piece of scrap paper or, even worse, read from the winner’s iPhone. Instead, Oscar attendees tend to have carefully thought out shout outs that get straight to the point. That said, every so often, moments of real, actual emotion break through, which make stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Adele and Ben Affleck shine more than their exquisitely prepared peers.

It’s impossible not to adore Adele. Even with all the accolades, she remains very much a quirky, down-to-earth proud British girl. Throughout her teary-eyed, quick thank you speech she gave after winning her first Oscar for Best Original Song for “Skyfall,” she thanked all the expected peeps who had anything to do with the film and song. But the best part was the last one liner “…and my man, I love you baby!” Yes, girl! That authentic moment when something in Adele’s head clicked on to remind her, ’You better thank your man’ was pure gold.
Ben Affleck’s career hadn’t quite been right since Bennifer split (that’s ok Ben, you married the right Jennifer). Luckily for him, Argo was a huge hit, winning for Best Picture and earning Ben his second Oscar, which led to the realest speech ever. Let’s see, there was the socially conscious moment where he slid in the horrible conditions of the people in Iran, admitting that marriage is hard work, the unsolicited advice “you can’t hold grudges” and the inspirational bit about getting back up if you fall. Ben Affleck had a Donnie McClurkin moment at the Oscars! His heartfelt, tear-jerking bit was the realest thing to happen at the Oscars other than Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs to accept her award. It doesn’t get much realer than that. Gotta love her response to the crowd giving her a standing ovation, “You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that’s really embarassing but thank you.” Authenticity always win. Always.

[Photo: Getty Images]