50 Cent Gets Brutally Shut Down By Erin Andrews At The Daytona 500

Let’s take a break from the Oscars for a moment to look at a story of cold hard rejection staring 50 Cent. Sound good? Excellent! Foxy Fox Sports correspondent Erin Andrews (see what we did there?) was down at the Daytona 500 trying to find speed racer Danica Patrick on the raceway. But instead she found a lurking Fiddy, and that’s when a car wreck of a different kind took place.

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The rapper swooped right in for a kiss, which definitely didn’t sit well with Erin, who for made a pretty disgusted face. But ever the professional, she soldiered on and tried her best to play nice. “Good to see you,” she lied. “What are you doing here?” She backed away, but 50 kept right on swooping closer, not getting the hint at all.

“I’m enjoying myself,” he said and she tried to back into the crowd to look for Patrick. But still 50 kept right on coming.”Thank goodness 50 Cent was here,” she added awkwardly. It’s bad, you guys. Real bad. 50 cent, for his part, took to Twitter to explain his actions. “Hey I wanted to kiss her so I did.” Sometimes there’s nothing left to say, folks.

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