We All Need to Stop Blaming Justin Bieber for Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s Breakup

People want a scapegoat, and the Biebs is an easy target. Don't buy it.

Earlier this week, we were heartbroken to learn that Ariana Grande and Big Sean had ended their relationship after 8 adorable, cat ear-filled months. Now celeb-heads are looking for a scapegoat, and they found an easy target: Justin Bieber. Let’s face it, the dude has been blamed for pretty much everything under the sun, and when video of him awkwardly hugging Ariana onstage in LA surfaced, people were quick to speculate.

Although Sean’s angry tweets were a hoax, TMZ now claims that Ariana arranged the mid-performance grope session immediately following their separation in an effort to deliberately hurt her ex. Sources close to the couple tell the outlet that Big Sean dumped the singer because she bailed on “the most important appearance of his career” at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, never visited him, pends far too much money, and exhibits other signs of immaturity. Although the door was apparently open for reconciliation, an angry Ariana was not having it. So she used the Biebs as her handsy pawn, right?

Except for the fact that we’ve seen videos of Justin performing with Ariana for weeks before the LA incident. So we’re thinking that his role in the breakup is merely as a spectator—just like the rest of us. We’re goin’ with The Gossip Table’s explanation for the (seemingly friendly) split.

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