Carrie Keagan’s 2013 Oscar Picks: So How’d She Do?

With so much talk of puppy purses and douche geniuses, it’s easy to forget Sunday’s Academy Awards was all about recognizing great achievements in film over the last calendar year (or supposed to be, at least). Last week, VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live host Carrie Keagan bravely unveiled her own Oscar predictions, positioning herself to either be potentially humiliated by her peers or referred to as “The Next Nate Silver” until the end of time. Now that the parties are over and the champagne has been sipped, let’s see how her picks stack up against the real winners. Sadly Carrie’s love of historical drama and redheaded CIA agents wasn’t shared by the Academy, who snubbed both Tommy Lee Jones (Best Supporting Actor) and Steven Spielberg (Best Director) for their work in Lincoln, as well as Jessica Chastain (Best Actress) in Zero Dark Thirty. As a punishment, our friend will now be haunted by a surprisingly attractive and young-looking vision of our 16th president until further notice. Still, Carrie’s reputation around these parts was saved by Anne Hathaway, Best Picture winner Argo, and the man they call DDL, helping her go three for six in the major Oscar categories–which is technically batting .500, a statistic any Major League baseball team would envy at this point in spring training. So treat yourself to a loaf of bread, Carrie. You’ve earned it (and, no, we won’t tell Javert).

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