Jennifer Lawrence Left Starstruck By Jack Nicholson And More Oscar Introductions

With such heavy pre-show coverage before the Academy Awards, media outlets typically bank on a few disastrous gowns and at least one or two “OMG” moments–à la The Dictator’s baby powder bomb–to keep things interesting while sweating it out on live television.  But sometimes, allowing the stars to act naturally (what a concept!), along with a few well-timed introductions, is all the magic one red carpet telecast needs. That and Jennifer Lawrence’s vivacious personality and knack for making awesome faces.

In addition to high-fiving Anne Hathaway and comparing their back bling, the award-winning J. Law was visited by a secret admirer during last night’s show–and her genuine look of “WTF” says it all. Chalk it up to her love of keeping it real? “You did such a beautiful job, I don’t mean to crush your dress,” purrs the iconic voice of none other than Jack Nicholson, during Lawrence’s post-win interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. The cute continues as Lawrence allows herself more than one double-take, making sure it’s not another Laker fan in tinted shades, but doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to joking about Jack’s longstanding history as a notorious Lothario.!
Nine-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis was someone every Oscar attendee either wanted to chat with, rave about, or enlist in a purse shopping outing to be scheduled later. She had the privilege of gaining a few free pieces of advice from Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, thanks to our very own Janell Snowden, and the youngest Best Actress nominee lit up when she was surprised by Chris Tucker just moments before curtain. Together they provided an adorable send-off to our very own Oscar Night Live coverage, as well as proved to the world that VH1 and MTV can make dreams come true.

It was just that kind of night: celebrities surprising celebrities, celebrities gushing about other celebrities, and celebrities geeking out over being steps away from their lifelong heroes, who also happen to be celebrities. In the case of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s nervous encounter with Dustin Hoffman, the two-time Oscar winner should really make it up to JGL with a longer sit-down in the near future; it took us all a lot more than 30 seconds to understand the plot of Inception.

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[Photo: Getty Images]