Smash: Where’s The Pool, Angelica Houston?

Did you use last week’s Smashcap to catch up on the madness that is America’s #1 Most Watched Show About Musicals? Even if you didn’t, I’m back to share with you the magic of this week’s continuation of Deborah Messing’s career. Here are the ten things you must know about this week. I’d argue that reading these ten things is every more crucial than watching the show, but, don’t take my word for it.

Let’s go.

10. Jennifer Hudson sung (or screamed, depending on your personal preference), “I got loooooooooove” over and over again for what felt like one hundred minutes straight.

9. Katherine McPhee’s love interest, who I like to call “trying to play a straight guy named Jimmy” is still acting like a spoiled tough guy. 


8.  Julia may have lost the scarves from season one, but gained a pair hideous glasses for season two. 


7. Jimmy and Kyle write a song for Jennifer Hudson and miiiiiiiiight just be in line to take Tom and Julia’s song-writing jobs.

(Smash, I see what you’re doing here.)


6. Meanwhile, Ivy’s boobs dreamed of breaking free and joining a Broadway show of their own! 


5. Sheryl Lee Ralph joined the cast as Jennifer Hudson’s stage mom who disapproves of her daughter’s choices.

(Sound familiar Sister Act 2 fans?)


4. Anjelica Houston wore a skimpy top on a couch, so my mom texted me: “She should put some clothes on. Is she going for a swim?!” Good point, mom.  


3. There was a horrible singing montage… 


2. While “rolling” (ROLLING!) on drugs, Straight Guy Jimmy gives Karen the most awkward kiss we’ve ever seen.  


 1. And if that didn’t offend you enough, EVIL ELLIS IS BACK. 

(Did you miss last week’s? Visit us next week for Abby’s Smash-tastic recap!)