“McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed” Creator Meets His Inspiration, Is Impressed

Gymnast McKayla Maroney may have been pretty mad when she had to settle for a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics last summer. But at least her priceless reaction inspired an incredible meme, which is worth far more than gold!

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Gavin Alaoen is the face behind the of the phenomenally popular and super-hilarious McKayla Is Not Impressed tumblr, which became a runaway success in August. “The idea came just on a whim, because I knew of other memes like Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things and Spock Is Not Impressed existed so I thought this could fit in that category,” he told us. “Also since the Olympics were big at the time, I thought this could be something funny and share-able.”

Gavin knocked it out of the park, wracking up over 850 submissions in one month alone! It got so much attention that even McKayla herself had to take note. “After a couple more days, I heard someone tweeted the tumblr site to her, and that she had tweeted back that she had seen it. So it was cool seeing her take notice, but also how she sort of took it on as part of her persona.”

All of Gavin’s hard photoshop work paid off, as he recently was able to meet with the object of his tribute, Miss McKayla herself! She recently stopped by our NYC headquarters on to promote 7Up Ten on our very own Big Morning Buzz Live. The 17-year-old athlete was indeed impressed with the new low-cal drink, and with Gavin’s site. In fact, she had nothing but awesome things to say about the tumblr. “It made my career go in a different way. It was definitely weird but I took it in a positive way.” Gavin made sure that she knew he didn’t mean the meme in a disrespectful way. “I don’t think you were trying to make fun of me. I’m not mad. I’m very thankful for you. I’ve accepted it and I’m turning it into something positive, and this is why I’m here today. So thank you!”

And, of course, the pair took a photo in the classic pose. Although we have a funny feeling that at least one of them is impressed.

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