Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless For His Birthday, And Almost Pantless Too

Today marks the hallowed day that Justin Bieber was gifted unto us, 19 years ago. The world must rejoice — as he clearly is. Behold the sculpted and tattooed manscaping that is the Biebs returning to his hotel in London, post his Birmingham gig. Don’t let the shirtlessness fool you — it is freezing right now, across the pond. But reports suggest that he was partying it up with a large group of girls — or as the Daily Mail called them, “a bevy of beauties” — so temperatures were undoubtedly raised. The shirtlessness was also temporary as the singer popped into his hotel to change his clothes so he could usher in 19 with style. Apparently, a circus-themed party is on the cards, where sources say, “Justin wants to celebrate in style and he loves clubbing in London. It’s no accident that there’s a break in his UK tour which coincides with his birthday. He’s been looking for the perfect venue and finally settled on Cirque Du Soir as he loves the kitsch theme. The venue is all ready for him, with clowns, goblins, aerial acts and some fire-eaters.” His reported new flame, Brit model Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke will be the hostess with the mostest. While we’re quite intrigued by all these plans, what we’re the most intrigued by are his pants. How are they staying up? A prayer? Does he not know we can see most of his underpants? Or is that all part of the plan? Now we feel old and weary.

[Photo: Splash News Online]