Seal Is Now Dating Pink Power Ranger Erin Cahill, Joins Our List Of 20 Really Random Celebrity Couples

Our inner child is so confused right now. Back in ’95, Seal’s tune “Kiss From A Rose” seemed to be everywhere, and (seeing as how we were 8 at the time) Power Rangers also factored heavily in our thoughts. So in a way it makes sense that these two monuments to our 90s childhood have hooked up!

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Yes, it appears that the crooner is hooking up with Pink Ranger actress Erin Cahill. No, it’s not the same Pink Ranger as our own 90s crush Amy Jo Johnson, but her Power Rangers: Time Force counterpart, Jen. The pair apparently only met at a charity function on Tuesday, but they’ve already been seen out and about, sharing  a cozy hug in public. We’re happy to see Seal moving on after 7 years with ex-wife Heidi Klum, but…we just never would have expected a Power Ranger, y’know? But hey, stranger things have happened. Check out the gallery above to see 20 more incredibly random celebrity hookups!

[Photo: Getty Images/Saban Entertainment]

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