Ben Affleck Tries To Kick Photographer, Becomes Latest Celebrity To Go Wild On The Paparazzi

Emboldened with his Best Picture Oscar win, Ben Affleck apparently decided that he was going to deal with exactly zero crap from paraprazzi while out with his daughter Seraphina today at a Brentwood mall.  The actor was seen trying to literally kick a photographer out of the way, proving that he’s not only a badass, but the best bad ever.

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It’s hard to blame Ben for lashing out, especially with his daughter there and all. It has to be incredibly annoying being tailed by photographers at all times. Doesn’t “paparazzi” mean “mosquito” in Italian?  We’d probably want to swat at them too! Ben sure isn’t the first guy to do so. Check out 10 of the more outrageous Celeb vs. Photog beatdowns below!

10. Kanye Protects Kim’s Honor!

While exiting a Miami restaurant in October of last year, a photographer shouted helpfully informed Kim that her ex Reggie Bush was in town. “Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?” This did not sit well with Yeezy and he made a grab for the camera.

9. Bjork Bugs Out

We’re still not sure what sent the Icelandic singer into a fit of range back in 1996. All the dude said was “Welcome to Bangcock!”

8. Baldwin’s Epic Come-Back Line

The notoriously quick-tempered Alec Baldwin laid the smack-down on a photographer last summer, making a grab for his camera and rattling off obscenities like “I want you to shut the f—k up and get out of here,” ““You little girl,” and the immortal “I know you got raped by a priest or something.” The best part? Just two weeks earlier he decked a paparazzo while picking up his marriage license.

7. Shia LaBeouf Spills The (Coffee) Beans

The Beef was pissed when photogs wouldn’t let him enjoy his coffee in peace in 2010. The coffee throw was a bold move, but he kind of lost his cred when he scampered off at the end.

6. Woody Harrelson Sees Dead People

This is a new one: Woody Harrelson attacked a photographer at New York’s La Guardia airport in 2010 because he thought they were a zombie. To be fair, the dude works method, and he did just film Zombieland. So when you put it that way, the photog was kind of asking for it.

5. Russell Brand’s iPhone Toss

We were bummed out when saw our beloved Russell Brand lose his cool and fling a paparazzo’s iPhone into a nearby building. But then he informed us that he was doing it in memory of the late Steve Jobs, and suddenly it became rather touching.

4. Bieber Isn’t Kidding Around

He may be 12 (ok, he’s 19 today) but last year Justin Bieber had a serious tete-a-tete with a photographer…one that ended up with an assault charge in May 2012. On a teenager!? We can’t imagine  Biebs packing much of a punch.

3. Gerard Butler’s Road Rage

OK, it’s probably not appropriate to call it “road rage” when a photographer follows your limo. But by 2 AM on October 7th 2008, Gerard Butler had all he could take. He stepped out of his car and gave the paparazzi a punch in the nose.

2. Mike Tyson Tries To KO A Photographer 

Really!? Mike Tyson did something violent? The boxer? Tell us more! Let’s just move on…

1.Sean Penn Threatens To Drop Dude

We understand why Sean Penn might have been a little peeved to find a photographer hiding in his hotel suite when he was filing in China back in 1986. We really do. But dangling him out of the 9th floor balcony might have been over-doing it a tad.

[Photo: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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