Anne Hathaway And Amanda Seyfried Reportedly Fought Before The Oscars

Talk of the 2013 Academy Awards would be incomplete without mentioning the buzz that surrounded Best Supporting Actress winner Anne Hathaway’s dress, amplified once word hit she decided against her Valentino gown just hours before the show. We chalked it up to nerves–and the second-guessing that comes when you’re about to be put on display before millions of grouches who probably aren’t going to like anything you say–but apparently there was a little bit of a Les Miz rivalry going on behind the scenes.

According to Us Weekly, Anne discovered costar Amanda Seyfried’s plan to wear a very similar gown by Alexander McQueen during Saturday’s rehearsal, just 24 hours before the big show. While we’d like to think the two women would be in contact about their proposed wardrobes ahead of time, or at least join an Academy Awards Dresses 2013 Facebook group akin to what high school prom shoppers currently do to avoid repeats, the news apparently came as a very big shock to poor Annie. Barbara wasn’t going to let anyone rain on her Oscar parade, so why should she? “Anne was like ’WTF?!'” the unnamed source tells Us. “She started throwing a fit!”

The detailed explanation of such freakoutery–which includes asking for silence and the words “painfully long experience”–works to destroy any ounce of humility Anne seemed to have displayed during her big night. We’re not taking sides here, just a little sad to learn the onscreen mother and daughter’s relationship isn’t a continuous round of smiles and “I Dreamed a Dream” sung a cappella. Maybe Anne wanted the spotlight entirely on her, or maybe Fantine is just resentful of the life Jean Valjean gave her baby girl.

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