The Top 24 Reality Show Repeat Offenders

It’s kind of bizarre to consider that just twenty years ago, the reality television genre was just a voyeuristic curiosity (really it was just one series, MTV’s The Real World). These days, “unscripted” programming rules airwaves. And as much as you whine about its trashy brainlessness, you know you love it — and you’ve turned its stars into bonafide celebs with real Hollywood power. It’s no wonder that when everyone from has-been rock stars to fame-hungry randoms get a taste of reality fame, they want to do it again…and again, and again (so easy— you show up, act a hot mess, and rake in millions in endorsements!).

On the day of the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice: All-Star Edition, we figured now was as good a time as any to count down the Top 24 Reality Show Repeat Offenders; the good girls, villains, bimbos, kooks and train wrecks who make a living jumping from show to show. From Flava Flav to the Kardashian Klan, here are the twenty-four most ubiquitous personalities in reality TV.

by Tia Williams

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