Mila Kunis Gives Pep Talk To Nervous Rookie Interviewer, Increases Our Crush 1000 Fold

It’s pretty terrifying interviewing huge celebrities, especially when they’re really hot. And they don’t come hotter than Mila Kunis! So we really feel for nervous BBC Radio broadcaster Chris Stark, who admitted to feeling terrified when sitting down to interview Mila at a junket for Oz The Great And Powerful. 

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But the dude knocked his “first celebrity interview” out of the park! Much credit goes to Ms. Kunis herself, who proved not only supportive and encouraging, but totally game for the really off-kilter interview. Sure, he got in a few good questions about her new movie, but the real gems are…everything that’s not the movie, to be honest.

He even asked her to come down to the nearby pub to hang with his friends! Come on, how often have you fantasized about asking Mila out for a drink?! She seemed pretty down for it too, until he pitched her his drink of choice: Jaeger bombs. That seemed to gross her out.

The interview has to be seen to be  believed, so definitely check it out in the clip above! If you’re not madly in love with Mila after you see it, check out the gallery. That should do the trick.

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