Did Kate Slip Up And Reveal She’s Having A Daughter–Or That She Has A Doula?

Did Kate Middleton slip up and reveal that she and Prince William are expecting a baby girl? According to The Daily Mail, a loyal subject in Grimsby gifted Kate yesterday with a teddy bear and the Duchess of Cambridge thanked them by saying, “Oh, this is for our d–” before stopping herself. But did she really mean to say “daughter,” or perhaps was it something else? We’ve compiled a list of people who start with the letter “d” whom Kate may have also intended to give the teddy bear to.

  • “Oh, this is for our dad.”  Dads like teddy bears, too. Maybe she had to stop herself because it would be awkward for Prince Charles to find out that both Kate and Will consider Mr. Middleton to be their father figure. Or maybe Mr. Middleton is the one being emotionally frozen out! Family drama!
  • “Oh, this is for our doctor. What better way to thank a doctor for helping you recover from acute morning sickness by giving him a teddy bear that a stranger on the street gave you? Kate had to catch herself because regifting is embarrassing for anyone–doubly so for Royals.
  • “Oh, this is for our dental hygienist. Kate’s teeth are so marvelous, maybe she didn’t want to slip that her secret isn’t Crest White Strips, but a particular dental hygienist she wanted to keep all to herself. Very snooty of you, Kate.
  • Oh, this is for our doula.” It would have caused quite the scandal if traditionalists found out that Kate and Will were relying on a doula and not NHS for delivering their baby.
  • “Oh, this is for our dog. Remember Lupo? Will and Kate have a dog named Lupo. I bet you forgot about that. I bet that all the excitement of Kate’s pregnancy has eclipsed the fact that Lupo is Will and Kate’s first child. I bet the person who gave the teddy bear forgot all about Lupo, but Kate didn’t forget about Lupo. The thing is, dogs love stuffed animals. If you give a dog a teddy bear, the dog will be so excited that he’ll tear the bear apart seam by seam in less than two minutes.
    You can’t tell someone that the gift they just gave you is going to be torn apart in two minutes. It’s bad form.
  • “Oh, this is for our dramaturge. Yeah, you bet Will and Kate have their own dramaturge. They probably have an entire theater company that lives in a basement in one of the palaces, just waiting to be called upon to put on private plays when Will and Kate are done with the latest episodes of Enlightened.
  • “Oh, this is for our dealer. Come on. She’d totally be embarrassed if that one got out.

I guess we won’t know for sure until this summer when Kate gives birth to a daughter.

Oh. Oh yeah. That’s probably the one that makes the most sense. She probably is having a girl.

by Meghan O’Keefe (@megsokay)

[Photo credit: Getty Images]