Erin Andrews Explains Why She Dodged 50 Cent’s Awkward Kiss Attempt

It was the missed kiss heard ’round the racetrack. At the Daytona 500 two weekends ago, ladies man extraordinaire 50 Cent tried to plant a smooch on sultry sportscaster Erin Andrews but got denied in hilariously humiliating fashion. Well, at a red carpet event in New York City last night, Erin Andrews finally spoke out on why.

“It was my fault,” she told Extra. “He went one way, I went the other. [Producers] were screaming in my ear, and I made him look bad.”

Fortunately, all is not lost! Despite the way that the rejection went viral, Erin and 50 have teamed up to promote Fiddy’s new SK Energy Drink, so hopefully they can cheers many, many times in the future to more successful smooches.

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[GIF via Uproxx]