Top 16 Most Surprisingly Legit Celeb Side-Hustles

To be a truly A-list celeb in 2013, you must also have a sexy side-hustle. Sadly, most celeb-helmed handbag lines, fragrances, or retractable stripper pole collections (so bad, Kendra Wilkinson, so bad) are deeply tacky bombs. There are exceptions, though — and we’re not referring to behemoths like Jay-Z’s Rocawear or Jessica Simpson’s eponymous fashion empire (they’ve graduated from side projects to billion dollar Establishment Brands). No, we’re talking about random companies that’ll surprise you with their genius!

Take birthday girl Kat Von D, whose cosmetics line — one of the beauty industries best-kept secrets — is worshipped by makeup artists and discerning drag queens, far and wide. Unlike most celeb businesses, the tattoo queen’s brand actually makes sense — as a visual artist, Von D understands colors and pigments in a practical way. Ever heard of Jessica Alba’s line of 100% green household products, The Honest Company? This totally organic, Cali-chic brand somehow makes bug sprays and eco-friendly diapers urgently glamorous. For real.

And there’s more, kids. From Tori Spelling to Pharrell Williams, check out the celebs with the most shockingly decent side-hustles, ever!

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[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News]

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