Whoa Topanga! Former Boy Meets World Star Danielle Fishel Covers Maxim

Seeing your favorite 90s crush 15 years later all sexed up on the cover of a magazine produces many emotions (just listen to that J. Geils tune “Centerfold”). We felt it when Wonder Years star Danica McKellar (a.k.a. Winnie Cooper) appeared in Stuff, and we feel it now looking at Boy Meet’s World’s Danielle Fishel on the cover of Maxim.

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Don’t get us wrong, she looks awesome, but there’s something so weird about seeing Topanga stripped down. Isn’t she married to Cory Matthews? What does he think of all this? Or maybe it’s just bizarre to see our nostalgia Tiger Beat fantasies brought to life. We imagine this resurgence is to prep us for the new grown-up Topanga Matthews that will hit the tube on the upcoming sequel series, Girl Meets World. Will she be dressing like that? It’s definitely a far cry from her 90s gear. Check out some classic throwback picks of Danielle in the gallery above!

[Photo: Maxim/Getty Images]

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