The Scoop: Is Michelle Williams Devastated By Her Split With Jason Segel?

Have you seen Amanda Bynes’s new makeover? And how did Iron Man 3’s director change the film’s villain, The Mandarin, from the comics to the screen? This and more in this morning’s The Scoop.

  • Since splitting from Hollywood funnyman and Muppet enthusiast, Jason Segel, Michelle Williams has been looking  uh…really, really happy. Like, she’s so happy, I’m worried Jason Segel is crying somewhere writing Forgetting Michelle Williams right now. [Daily Mail]
  • Amanda Bynes seems to have given herself a makeover. The former teen star posted a series of twitpics displaying her new look. Like it? Love it? Don’t understand it? [twitpic]
  • Iron Man 3 director Shane Black sat down with MTV and discussed how he turned the once racist caricature of The Mandarin into a 21st century villain. “[The Mandarin] has an intelligence background. His nationality is not even clear because he’s shrouded in secrecy.” [MTV News]
  • Speaking of Marvel directors, Joss Whedon screened his black and white Shakespearean adaptation, Much Ado About Nothing, at SXSW this weekend. He spoke about the differences between Shakespeare and the Avengers (there are so many…), and revealed that Avengers fan favorite, Agent Coulson, will return in the S.H.I.E.L.D. television series. [Bleeding Cool]

–by Meghan O’Keefe (@megsokay)

[Photo credit: Getty Images]