Last Lap: How Soon Are Brad And Angelina Getting Hitched?

And what did Olivia Wilde think when she first met Jason Sudeikis? Plus what is Rebel Wilson doing on top of Channing Tatum’s lap? This and more in today’s Last Lap.

  • Brad Pitt reportedly filed a marriage license at the end of February, which means that he and Angelina Jolie should be tying the knot sometime in the next 90 days. Holding them up? Allegedly they are competing with Brad’s ex, Jennifer Aniston, as she makes her own wedding plans. [The Sun UK]
  • When Olivia Wilde first met fiance Jason Sudeikis, she says, “I thought ’I’m not beautiful enough or his type'”. Hey, Olivia, trust me when I say you are not only beautiful, but you are every [straight] man’s type. It’s kind of your thing. [Marie Claire]
  • Rebel Wilson shares a bit of action with Channing Tatum in a new promo for the MTV Movie Awards. In the ad, they’re on the run and the Aussie comedienne is on the Magic Mike star’s lap. []
  • Kristin Cavallari alleges that her “bad girl” behavior on Laguna Beach and The Hills was all a show. Apparently the shows’ producers would manipulate situations and feed the cast lines. WHAT?!? No way! [Daily Mail]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]