Tom Hardy’s Pooch Joins Our List Of The 30 Cutest Celebrity Pets

We can’t take these photos of Tom Hardy giving a big ol’ smooch to an adorable puppy. In fact, if you have a heart condition, you should probably look away now.

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The cuteness explosion took place yesterday in Brooklyn where the British thespian is filming the flick Animal Rescue with…well, a really cute puppy. Tom wisely decided to bond with his furry costar with a series of hugs, which made us wish that the entire movie was just Tom Hardy hugging sweet little animals. That would slay at the box office, right guys?

But seeing all this preciousness made us cast our minds back to other celebrities who have both wealth and super adorable pets in abundance. Head upstairs to check out our gallery of the cutest celebrity pets of all time!

[Photo: Splash News Online]


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