While You Were Sleeping: Is Steven Tyler Set To Be Taylor’s Next Rock Star Beau?

Is Kanye going to be able to take Kim to the Met Ball this year? And what are Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler teaming up for now? The answers to these burning questions, plus a peak at next season’s Mad Men in today’s “While You Were Sleeping”.

  • Looks like Taylor Swift has another rock star admirer. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler called Swifty “hot”. “She’s the blonde with all the hits…I have to write a song with her.” Better yet, Steven, date her and then maybe she’ll write a song about you. [US Weekly]
  • Even though she’s now Kanye West’s bonafied, Kim Kardashian is still getting the cold shoulder from fashion’s elite. Vogue editor Anna Wintour has reportedly banned Kardashian from the Met Ball, an event where Kanye is always welcome. Will Kanye be able to sneak Kim in this year? [RadarOnline]
  • Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are going to co-star in their third romantic comedy together. The still untitled film will start shooting this summer. No word on whether there’s a role for Steve Buscemi. [Daily Mail]
  • AMC has released more promotional photos for the upcoming season of Mad Men that takes place in the late 60s. Peggy looks fierce, Pete is starting to look old, and little Eugene Draper has my favorite face of all time. [Hit Fix]

[Image Credit: Getty Images]