Halle Berry’s Dress On Jay Leno Might Be Too Hot For TV

Halle Berry swung by The Tonight Show on Monday night to promote her new film The Call and to reveal that she had signed on for a sequel to The X-Men. But Jay Leno (and the rest of us) didn’t hear to much of that, because we were way too distracted by Halle’s super scandalous dress!

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The low-cut Reem Acra miniskirt showed off pretty much every enviable part of the beautiful former Bond girl, and even Leno couldn’t keep his questions on point. He turned the topic of wardrobe, asking the 46-year-old actress to explain the metallic gown she wore the Academy Awards last month. “I wanted to go to the Oscars looking like a Bond girl,” she said. “I felt like I was wearing a Ferrari.” Leno didn’t miss a beat with his innuendo laden response: “I enjoy driving a Ferrari. Can you drive a stick shift?” Halle, of course, was down to play ball. “I learned on a stick shift,” she shot back.

But clothes-talk aside, Halle did confirm that she would star as Storm in X-Men: Day Of Future Past. “It’s a great role, and those residual checks don’t hurt,” she said with a laugh. “But it’s a character that I really love and fans love the whole series. It’s like family, it’s fun to get back together with Hugh and everybody.” Check out the full clip below!

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