Tax Season Porn: 34 Stars Who Made Bazillions and Went Bankrupt

Tax season always makes us feel broke. But no matter how deeply we regret the Saks splurges, that weekend in South Beach, and every $15 cocktail we’ve ever purchased — it’s comforting to know that our overspending is negligible compared to these bankrupt, riches-to-rags celebs. Is that evil?

From Hammer to Toni Braxton, these superstars made bazillions of dollars, only to lose it all in spectacular, E! True Hollywood Story-worthy ways (some even ended up homeless, or yeesh, working retail). The culprit? Usually the losses were due to thunderingly stupid investments — what happens when you hire your childhood friend, Stinky, to be your business manager — or pricey drug addictions. Cut to mansions in foreclosure, cars being repossessed, careers capsizing, and lovers leaving. Bleak, but there is a bright side! Many of these celebs managed to bounce back hotter than ever, post-financial failure.

Check out 34 celebrities who crested the dizzying heights of wealthy celebdom, only to crash, burn, and bomb. Juicier than fiction.

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