This Week On Smash: Jimmy Rolls A Joint

Sadly, no more cameo’s by Tom’s crazy characters this week, but don’t worry, I tried them all out in my grandma’s basement and her cats loved them! This week on SMASH, there was drama! There were grown men throwing tantrums; there were fights in rehearsals; and someone showed us her vagina (kind of). Here are the ten must-knows from Smash you shouldn’t read while driving.

10. Karen and Ivy get caught in an awkward elevator ride AGAIN because they are rehearsing in the same building.

9. We find out that Eileen chose Tom’s version of Bombshell to go forward with to produce.

8. Jimmy rolls a joint and tries to be cool.

7. It seems like there are too many cooks in the kitchen when trying to make directorial decisions for Bombshell, and things start to unravel.

6. Karen can’t do Hitlist at the Fringe with Jimmy and Kyle because it conflicts with Bombshell, so she can’t do the first night of Hitlist, sending Jimmy into a temper tantrum- bitch fit.

5. But Karen disobeys and ends up doing Hitlist at the Fringe anyway. What a badass.

4. Ivy showed us her vagina in rehearsal!

3. Derek quits Bombshell and storms out of rehearsal after one of the major songs in the show is re-directed by Tom. Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

2. Someone in the audience at The Fringe Hitlist performance wants to meet with them to possibly produce it!!!!

1. Eileen finds out that evil Ellis threw her under the bus with evil Jerry and then goes rogue with Tom and Julia. Tom will direct Bombshell and they can do what they want again with the show!