Kim Kardashian’s Producers Admit She Faked Scenes, But Does It Help Or Hurt Kris Humphries’ Fraud Case?

Kim Kardashian’s producers have thrown something of a curve ball in the midst of her divorce case with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ex husband Kris Humphries. Keeping Up With The Kardashians producer Russell Jay has admitted in a 165-page deposition that several scenes in the program were “scripted, reshot or edited” in order to portray Kris in a bad light. Should be a slam dunk for his allegations of fraud, right? Not so fast.

According to the documents obtained by RadarOnline, the producer copped to having advance knowledge of Humphries’ “surprise” proposal to Kim. He also revealed that Kim actually forced them to reshoot her reaction, apparently because she didn’t like the way her face looked in the first take. There was also evidence that Kim filmed a scene where she told her mother Kris Jenner about her marriage woes several months after she had already filed for divorce.

So they fake things on reality shows, not exactly a huge shocker. “They set Kris up to look like a jerk,” insider told Life and Style. “Anyone who loves someone would not team up with their production team to make them look like a fool on TV.” They alleged that the charges of fraud seem to be supported by these revelations. “Kris feels vindicated. It’s obvious they were trying to tarnish his reputation. This will prove how fake Kim and the show are.”

But that’s only one side of the argument. Kim’s team are claiming that the seemingly damming depositions prove that Kris must have had knowledge of the re-shoots and reality show “sweetening”. So in the end…the case is still at a standstill.

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