Last Lap: Did Eva Mendes Buy A Sex Skull For Ryan Gosling?

Who are Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass teaming up with (and against) in Kick Ass 2? Plus, in today’s Last Lap, anticipation for Game of Thrones is reaching fever pitch and Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston steps out in a smart looking suit.

  • Okay, we’re not quite sure why Eva Mendes walked out of luxury sex shop Kiki Montparnasse with a life size fake human skull, but judging by her coy smirk, we think it’s some sort of a naughty treat for boyfriend Ryan Gosling. I mean, he is a fan of skeletons and his own band is called “Dead Man’s Bones.” Any better (or less kinky) ideas? [Daily Mail]
  • The red band trailer for Kick-Ass 2 hit the web today. Hit-Girl looks like she’s now “Hit-Teen”, Kick-Ass gets his ass kicked and Jim Carrey joins the team as a new hero. Oh, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse is now an evil supervillain. Check out the (over 18) action at
  • Tom Hiddleston just won the South Bank Sky Arts Breakthrough Award. What was that award for? I don’t know, but it was a really good excuse for Hiddlywinks to show up somewhere looking good. [Oh No They Didn’t]
  • In case you can’t wait until March 31 for more Game of Thrones, there are new images and some behind the scenes chatter leaking out in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. A preview of the issue is online now. []

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]