Is Big Gulp Having The Best Week Ever Or Are You Just Really Thirsty?

Good Thursday! It’s good to see you, thanks for showing up for this week’s BATTLE TO THE DEATH for the prize of having the Best Week Ever. Who will come out on top and who will be re-nominated next week?

Is Grumpy Cat having the Best Week Ever?

The world’s grumpiest cat might just be slightly(?) cheerier this week, considering she was crowned Queen of South By South West and had hundreds of attendees lining up to see (and pet) her.


Is Danielle Fishel having the Best Week Ever?

Why? Because the former child star is on the cover of Maxim this week–proving that she’s still the the girl of every young boy’s dream.


Is “The guy who livetweeted having to go to the hospital to get a dildo removed from his butt” having the Best Week Ever?

The world’s coolest dude on Twitter treated his followers (and everyone else who figured it out) to a livetweet of the extraction of a vibrating dildo…from his butt.


Are 20 oz.+ Sodas having the Best Week Ever?

You can put your extra large flask away, the NYC Soda Ban was overturned this week, so the Big Gulps are staying.


So, Tell Us:

Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?

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