Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Style Evolution: A Nude-Toned Extravaganza

In today’s segment of our Kim Kardashian Maternity Style Evolution coverage, we bring you Kimmie in a jumble of flesh-toned layers. Oh Kim. From the few glimpses we’ve seen, your 2nd trimester bod is sick — why constantly cover it up in heavy blacks, whites and nudes, babe?
If you’re having a healthy pregnancy — and by all accounts, she is — it’s such an exciting time. You feel radiant, luscious, weirdly sexy. Time to show off your bump with clingy fabrics, color, cool prints! Kanye’s beloved rejects this idea, blogging that she’s “more focused on concealing the weight gain than dressing the bump” — which is precisely what gets her into trouble. Hiding under ill-fitting, monochromatic layers just makes an expecting mom look girth-ier.

But there’s still hope! She’s not due for several months — time enough to fire her stylist (Kanye) and invest in some stretchy tube dresses! Until then, check out Kim’s most memorable maternity ensembles in the gallery below.

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[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News]