While You Were Sleeping: Is Brad Pitt Rocking “Man Spanx”?

Why are Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan fighting over taxes? And is Emma Watson going from Harry Potter to 50 Shades of Grey? All this plus Jessica Biel’s bizarre choice in pants in today’s “While You Were Sleeping”.
  • He was once the “Sexiest Man Alive”, but has age finally caught up with Brad Pitt? Rumors are starting to circulate that the almost 50 year old Pitt has started wearing “Man Spanx” to hold all his problem areas in. Aw, Brad, we still love you. [Celebitchy]
  • In a rant that Justin Bieber posted and then deleted on Instagram, he attacked former child star Lindsay Lohan over her leaked income tax statements. Low blow? Lindsay told pals that Biebs’s comments were “senseless and mean” and that “karma” will get him in the end. [TMZ]
  • Is nice girl Emma Watson going to go “the full naughty” and play Anatasia Steele in the 50 Shades of Grey film? Well, apparently that’s what hactivist group Anonymous is saying. The group hacked into a German film studio’s private database and found insider intel to confirm the steamy rumor. [Screencrush]
  • Jessica Biel made a massive fashion misstep last night when she wore crochet pants to Timbaland’s birthday party. We’re all for luxury knits, but crochet is for granny squares and not hot starlets. [Daily Mail]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]