The 20 Best B-Movie Performances

In The Call, Halle Berry plays a 911 emergency operator who must help save Abigail Breslin from a murderer over the phone. In the film, Berry also makes a convincing argument for why she deserves to enter the pantheon of great actors who give great performances in classic B-movies.

So, what makes a classic B-movie? Well, either it was meant to be good, but fell magnificently and embarrassingly short, or it was meant to be a silly piece of fluff, but turned into an inadvertent masterpiece because of the love put into it. Basically, B-movies are films we love to watch over and over again, but would never admit to liking them in public. Liking a B-Movie may be controversial, but loving a famous actor’s performance is only natural.

Here’s our countdown of the 20 Best B-Movie Performances of all time:

  • Nic_Cage

  • Nic_Cage

  • Harrison_Ford

  • Meryl_Streep

  • Ashley_Judd

  • Channing_Tatum

  • Anne_Hathaway

  • Nic_Cage

  • Rachel_McAdams

  • Ryan_Gosling

  • Stanley_Tucci

  • Zoe_Saldana

  • Jack_Nicholson_Morgan_Freeman

  • Liv_Tyler

  • Mandy_Moore

  • nic_cage

  • nic_cage

  • Patrick_Swayze

  • halle-berry-the-call