Coco’s 34 Most Bodaciously Booty-Baring Outfits Of All Time

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We were partying a little too hard yesterday for St. Patrick’s Day, but we’d never forgive ourselves if we didn’t wish Coco an incredibly happy birthday! We love her very dearly, plus we feel like her hubby Ice-T would kick our butts if we didn’t.

Yes, it’s impossible to talk about the lovely Mrs. T without mentioning behinds. The glamour girl sure isn’t shy about flaunting her own incomparable assets (with an extra helping of “ass”), whether it’s on the red carpet, on the beach, of even just hanging out in her own home. She and her booty have even taken their act to the stage, taking a lead role in the Las Vegas burlesque act Peep Show. But it hasn’t been all thongs and sunshine for the sexy and self-effacing starlet this year. Rumors of a possible affair with rapper AP9 almost broke our dang hearts, but then we remembered that Ice and Co will be together forever, end of story. So let’s just get back to the g-strings, shall we?

In honor of Coco’s (slightly belated) big day, we’ve assembled her 34 most bodaciously baring looks of all time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, folks. Enjoy!

[Photo: Getty Images/Twitter]

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