Christina Milian Instagrams Her Spring Breakers-Style Bikini Beach Vacation In Cabo

Spring Breakers doesn’t open wide until Friday (not that we’re counting down the days or anything…) but Christina Milian definitely got us in the mood with her hot vacay Instagrams. Ms.Milian and her girlfriends partied it up in Cabo over the weekend, and ushering in spring break and St. Patrick’s Day in one bikini-filled swoop!

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The 31 year old was seen flaunting her bod in a metallic bikini alongside dozens of other party people on the glorious Mexican beachfront. “#springBreakers.. Well kinda lol,” she captioned one of her Instagrams in which she posed with two of her friends Nikki Cole Irving and Lizzie Morris. Considering the bottle of champagne they held in the air, it doesn’t seem too far off! She also got a chance to show off more selections from her sizable collection of swimsuits. Check out more from her trip in the gallery above!

[Photo: Christina Milian’s Instagram]

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