Top 20 Sexiest Disney Animated Animals

Selena Gomez is reportedly trying to shed her innocent Disney image in the new movie Spring Breakers, which is really weird because Disney has always been really sexy and not so innocent.

I mean, take all of the super sexy animals who left us twitterpated in classic Disney animated films.

Whether they’re foxy lads or tigers in the sack, Disney has been providing us for years with tons of hot cartoon animals to fall in love with. We’ve just ranked the top 20 of them. See if you agree…

  • bambi-prince-forest

  • bambi-thumpers-gf

  • disney-bagheera

  • disney-faline

  • disney-fox-hound

  • disney-hippo-fantasia

  • disney-jessica-rabbit

  • disney-lady

  • disney-lumiere

  • disney-miss-bianca

  • disney-nala

  • disney-oliver

  • disney-peg

  • disney-perdita

  • disney-robin-hood

  • disney-scar

  • disney-sebastian

  • disney-shere-khan

  • disney-sleeping-friends

  • disney-tramp