Is Rihanna Planning A “Wild” Summer Wedding To Chris Brown? Here Are 20 Bridal Bikini Options!

Well we’ve got a surprise and non-surprise. The surprising thing is that Rihanna is rumored to be planning a wedding ! The not-so-surprising thing? She wants to walk down the aisle without pants.

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In fact, if the reports in Now Magazine are true, she wants to say “I do” in a bikini! Some thing’s never change. An insider is making claims that the singer is making moves to tie the knot with her controversial boyfriend Chris Brown in a ceremony this summer. And it’ll be done in classic  Riri flash. “Rihanna doesn’t want a big dress or boring old confetti,” says the friend. “She wants to get married in her bikini and have a carnival atmosphere.” Sounds about right!

The big event is speculated to take place in Rihanna’s home country of Barbados. Definitely not a bad place for some beach-front nuptials! “They want it to be relaxed and fun, like a playground, and to celebrate with the people who have stood by them.” According to the friend, the wedding will be Rihanna’s ’F–k you!’ to the world.” Perhaps it’s not the best reason in the world to get married, but…

We’re kind of taking this whole story with a huge grain of salt. But if she really is getting married on the beach in a two-piece, she definitely has quite the selection to choose from. Head up above to check out our gallery of Rihanna’s possible bridal bikinis!

[Photo: Instagram]

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