10 Reasons Bradley Cooper Is Dating 20-Year-Old Suki Waterhouse

Bradley Cooper was officially named The Sexiest Man In The World by People Magazine, which pretty much gives him license to be able to date any star in the universe. And it seems like Brad has set his sights not on an A-list actress, but 20-year old Suki Waterhouse!

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Just a few short months after ending things with his long-time girlfriend Zoe Saldana, Bradley has been seen out and about with the young model. “It’s new but they’re hanging out,” a source told Us Weekly. “He’s really into her.” If you’re wondering why, just head up to the gallery above to see some of her modeling shots. We have a funny feeling you’ll get it! The pair have been seen out and about in Boston, where Bradley is currently filming an untitled movie for Silver Linings Playbook mastermind David O. Russell. They were also seen sharing a car together leaving a club in London last month.

Sure there’s a sliiiight age gap between the two. But that’s hardly the first time it’s happened in Hollywood. Head on down to the gallery below and check out 25 more famous May-December romances from Tinseltown!

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