Restaurant Renegades: The 20 Worst Tippers in Celebdom

Restaurants are the great equalizer — no matter your net worth or Twitter ranking, everyone’s expected to pay around 20% for good service. But a surprising number of superstars — some of them, the wealthiest in the world — feel like their dazzling presence is tip enough!

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How can a multi-gazillionaire justify running up an $800 tab — whooping it up, making diva demands — and then leaving an autograph as gratuity? Not sure, but one thing’s certain: the wait staff is watching. When A-listers behave badly in their restaurants, managers and servers take to sites like Stained Apron, Glamorati and Grub Street to vent, and they’re naming names. Terrible publicity for the stars, juicy gossip for us!

From Diddy to Madonna, check out the twenty most embarrassingly bad celeb tippers, ever.

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