Snooki Gears Up For “RetroMTV” Marathon By Admitting Real World: Austin Girlcrush

MTV’s upcoming marathon of vintage Real World episodes has got Queen Snooki waxing nostalgic about those early days of reality TV. It’s hard to imagine her outside of the context of the Jersey Shore’s Smoosh Room, but Snooks actually tried out to appear on a season of the show where folks stop acting polite and start getting real.

“I made a Real World tape, and it was kinda lame,” she told MTV. “I actually watched it two months ago and it was so boring.” Snooki? Boring!? How!? You can take the Snooki out of the Jersey Shore, but you can’t take the Jersey Shore out of the Snooki. She definitely would have been up there with train-wrecks like Ruthie and Puck.

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We owe much of the success of reality TV to the trail blazing Real World series, but Snooki owes something of a more personal debt. According to her, Johanna from Real World: Austin was the one who inspired her to be on television. ” “She was my idol, and I looked up to her, actually,” she says in the clip below. “Johanna is the one that made me wanna be on reality, so she caused all this mess.” Snooki tried to meet her MTV reality heroine years later after she became a star in her own right, but apparently she never got a call back from Johanna!  “She must’ve given me a wrong number,” she said sadly.

Surely there must have been some kind of mis-communication! The dream-makers at MTV reached out to Johanna, who was only too happy to clear up the missed connection.


Hello, again. Word from our MTV parents is that you had an interview where you revealed I “inspired” you to audition for the “Real World” (totally flattered) and when we met, I blew you off =(  So sad you think that, def not my intention.

I wanted to set the record straight — I never got any texts from you or gave you a fake number! That would be silly. Let’s hang out soon.

xx Johanna

So…how ’bout brunch, ladies? Or maybe they’ll watch the RetroMTV Real World marathon this weekend together!

[Photo: Getty Images/MTV]

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