First Dibs: Is Ryan Gosling Returning To Rachel McAdams?

Why is J. Lo tweeting photos of her and Chris Brown hanging out together? And what did Tony Bennett say about Amy Winehouse that was so oddly flattering? Plus, why is Wiz Khalifa really into poop? in today’s First Dibs.

  • Eva Mendes is reportedly super nervous because she thinks beau Ryan Gosling might return to newly single, Rachel McAdams. To be fair, I think anyone who’s seen The Notebook thinks Ryan Gosling is going to build a house, grow a beard and return to Rachel McAdams. [Celebitchy]
  • Jennifer Lopez is back in the studio and this time her collaborator is none other than Chris Brown. She tweeted a photo of herself, Brown and producer Cory Rooney in the studio with hashtags like “studiolife”, “makinghistory” and “SAMEGIRL”. Let’s hope she gets the type of hit she wants out of Brown. [US Magazine]
  • Classic crooner Tony Bennett recently commented that Amy Winehouse “had a great life because she ended up praying for the success that she wanted and it happened.” So remember kids, it’s okay to die young of substance abuse problems stemming from depression so long as you die famous. [Associated Press]
  • Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa is excited about poop! Specifically, Wiz is psyched that his newborn son, Sebastian, or “Bash”, is “taking good poops”. Fatherhood is indeed magical. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]