In The Line Of Fire: 10 Actors Who Have Valiantly Protected The President In Movies

From attempted assassinations, to an overrun White House, it’s safe to say that cinematic Presidents don’t exactly have it easy, especially when their lives are quite literally in the hands of their friend-or-foe secret service agents.
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In Olympus Has Fallen Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning, a disgraced former Presidential guard trapped in the White House when it falls under terrorist attack. It is then up to him to retake Olympus (secret service lingo for the White House), and save the President from his captors. With all the action and saving of a distressed President, Butler’s Mike Banning easily joins our list of actors who have stepped into the line of fire to valiantly protect the President.
On a scale of success rates from Nicholas Cage in Guarding Tess to Dennis Quaid in Vantage Point, we’d say Olympus Has Fallen belongs somewhere near the top. Some secret service agents are chosen to protect the First Family, like Sinbad’s Sam Simms in First Kid. Others abandon their jobs as protector altogether, and attempt to take out Mr. Prez themselves (we’re looking at you, Xander Berkeley’s Agent Gibbs in Air Force One!). But whether they’re taking bullets for their President, or trying to put one in them, these actors had us at the edge of our seats. Check out the whole list here, and be sure to check out Olympus Has Fallen!