First Dibs: Who Outshone Jessica Simpson At Her Own Event?

What bizarre bit of fan mail did a fan send 30 Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto? Which movie stunned by being number one at the box office? Plus exclusive photos from Hugh Jackman’s return to the X-Men, The Wolverine, in today’s First Dibs.

  • Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell upstaged her and auntie Ashlee at a recent Jessica Simpson Girl’s Collection event in North Carolina. Little Maxwell smiled and posed for photos with fans like the professional child of stars that she is. [US Weekly]
  • Some fans will go to extreme lengths to make sure their idols hear them, but Jared Leto’s will probably go farthest. The 30 Seconds To Mars frontman recently revealed that he received a severed human ear in the mail with the note, “Are you listening?” [Huffington Post]
  • Industry insiders were stunned this morning to discover that The Croods took home the top box office slot this weekend, making it the first animated film of 2013 to do so. Olympus Has Fallen was number two and Tina Fey’s Admission did poorly with only $6.4 million. [MTV News]
  • It’s been a while since Hugh Jackman donned the claws of Wolverine, but he’s finally back! The first images from Jackman’s new film, The Wolverine, hit the web today and show the invulnerable mutant hero protecting a Japanese beauty against the likes of the Yakuza and the villainess, Viper. []

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]