Last Lap: Is Kim Fat & Pregnant Or Just Pregnant?

Why did Will Smith turn down the lead role in Django Unchained? Which event forced the 2014 Oscars to switch dates? And what exactly can JJ Abrams tell us about the Star Wars sequels? All this in today’s Last Lap.

  • Leave Kim alone!!! She’s not fat, she’s pregnant, okay? Kim Kardashian divulged to a reporter this week that all the fat jokes have been bothering her and that she’s only 140 lbs and she’s been eating a lot of vegetables lately, okay?? Also, there’s a baby inside of her. [Yahoo!]
  • Will Smith just revealed that the reason he turned down the lead role in Django Unchained was because it wasn’t…the lead role? According to Smith, he told Quentin Tarantino the only way he would do it if he was the one to “kill the bad guy”, but no one tells QT who gets to kill who in his movies. [Daily Mail]
  • Next year’s Oscars have already suffered a scheduling snafu. The Academy Awards were tentatively slated for the last weekend in February, but that would mean they’d overlap with the Sochi Winter Olympics. The event is now scheduled for March 2 and will return to February 22 in 2015. [Deadline]
  • While promoting his Star Trek sequel, JJ Abrams finally let some Star Wars sequel gossip drop. Well, sort of. Obviously, Abrams couldn’t say much, but he did talk about the “guttural connection” he has to the material. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]