First Dibs: Did Spring Breakers Director Harmony Korine Rob Meryl Streep?

Has Selena Gomez given up on music now that she’s a movie star? And is her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber a good neighbor? This and more in today’s First Dibs.

  • Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine is “the toast of the town”, as they say, everywhere except at The Late Show With David Letterman. In an interview with James Franco, Letterman revealed Korine has been unwelcome in the studio since Letterman himself caught the then drugged up director stealing from Meryl Streep’s purse. Late night forever? [Celebitchy]
  • Meanwhile, Spring Breakers starlet Selena Gomez is on the right side of the law and will be performing at this year’s MTV Movie Awards on April 14. She will be debuting the title track from her new album, “Come & Get It”, which was written by Pitch Perfect’s Ester Dean and Stargate. [MTV News]
  • Gomez’s ex, Justin Bieber, just put on a less amusing performance. Biebs reportedly spit in his neighbor’s face and threatened to kill him after the neighbor complained about Bieber’s loud and disruptive driving. Like a bad neighbor, Bieber is there…. [TMZ]
  • And in completely unrelated to Selena Gomez-news, Ashley Judd won’t be running for Senate anytime soon. The actress announced yesterday that she is going to opt out of the Kentucky Senate race against Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. [Associated Press]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]