Who in Seven Hells Could Distinguish These Game of Thrones Characters from Their Lookalikes?

From Daenerys’ platinum tresses to Khal Drogo’s foxy eyeshadow, we’re obsessed with each Game of Thrones character’s signature look (so ripe for Comic Con costuming!). They seem so unique, but here’s the thing — outside the mythical borders of Westeros exist real-life people who look exactly like them. Exactly.

In honor of GOT’s long-awaited Season 3 premiere, let’s take an ultra-nerdy look at our favorite characters in all of the Seven Kingdoms — and their mirror image counterparts! You won’t believe who we matched up with John Snow. Don’t hate us.

  • daenerysmarykate

  • jonsnowjohnmayer

  • jaimelannistershrek

  • khaldrogodavenavarro

  • ygrittereesew

  • brienneanthonymichaelhall

  • branashton

  • catelynnelizabeth

  • cerseikimbasinger

  • joffreysailormoon

[Photos: Getty Images, HBO, DreamWorks, Cartoon Network]

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