Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Launches Modeling Career With Glam Instagrams

We all know about Alec Baldwin’s fiery temper, so we’re not too sure about how he’ll take these pics that his daughter Ireland is posting on her social media sites! The 17-year old is starting to get her modeling career off the ground, and has taken to Tumblr and Instagram to give us all all a taste.

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  • ireland_baldwin_22.jpg

At a statuesque 6 ft 2 and her mother’s blonde bombshell looks, we think she definitely has what it takes to own both magazine covers and the catwalk. And apparently we’re not the only ones. Ireland has signed modeling contracts with two different agencies in the past month! If you can’t figure out why, just head up to the gallery above to see some of Ireland’s most glamorous selfies and Instagrams. Whether it’s on the beaches of Hawaii, or just goofing around in her car, she always looks fab, fashionable and flawless!

[Photo: Tumblr/Instagram]

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