Last Lap: Is Eva Mendes Going To Be The Next Jessica Chastain?

How did The Host’s director know Saoirse Ronan was perfect to be his lead? Where’s Lindsay Lohan hanging out now? And is Modern Family’s Ariel Winter reconnecting with her mother? All this in today’s Last Lap.

  • Eva Mendes is trying to become the next Jessica Chastan to impress Ryan Gosling. The Gos has reportedly given Mendes a complex over her very uncomplicated career as “sexy love interest” and she’s employing the same agent that reps Chastain, Cate Blanchett and Marion Cotillard. I’m sure it will all work out for her. [Celebitchy]
  • The Host director Andrew Niccol hit casting gold when he found Saoirse Ronan to play both Melanie and her parasitic alien friend Wanda. “She can make you cry, and she can kill you.” Okay. For more on how Ronan was picked visit
  • Lindsay Lohan hid under a table in a Sao Paolo, Brazil nightclub she was paid to visit. That’s all we can say we can say without kicking someone while they’re literally down. [Yahoo]
  • Modern Family actress Ariel Winter still refuses to see her mother. Winter was removed from her mother’s care and placed in the guardianship of her adult sister when claims of emotional and physical abuse were made against her mother and the two are far from patching things up and becoming the next Gilmore Girls. [People]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]