Celebrate Easter With The 15 Most Incredible Career Resurrections In Hollywood History

Each Easter people across the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by eating massive amounts of chocolate eggs. Yeah, we don’t really get it either. But seeing has how religion isn’t really our wheelhouse, we’ve decided to observe this special day by recognizing some of the most impressive entertainment career resurrections in history!

  • Ben Affleck

  • alec_baldwin_1.jpg

  • betty_white_1.jpg

  • Michelle Williams

  • Mickey Rourke

  • Neil Patrick Harris

  • Robert Downey Jr.

  • Teri Hatcher

  • John Travolta

  • charlie_sheen_1.jpg

  • sofia_copolla_1.jpg

  • ellen_degeneres_1.jpg

  • drew_barrymore_1.jpg

  • sarah_jessica_parker_1.jpg

  • hilary_swank

Whether it’s folks like Drew Barrymore who have survived the dark ages of mid-80s child-stardom, to near-drug casualties like Robert Downey Jr and Charlie Sheen, or even a victim of Gigli¬†(sorry Ben) you can never underestimate a good talent…with a good agent! So to celebrate the day of the ultimate comeback, head on up to the gallery above to see 15 famous folks who rose from the show-biz dead to take over the world once again. Rejoice!

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